About Us


Radical honesty.

We show the courage to be honest with ourselves, our teammates and our clients.

Mastery of craft.

We take pride in our work and we commit to daily practice and learning.

Going deep.

We are inquisitive, cerebral and disciplined.

Outstanding storytelling.

Emotion and felt-experience inform our narrative.


There are no observers: everyone does the work.


We think on our feet and we take setbacks or uncertainty in stride.

Our Team

Nate Hermes

New York, NY

Rob Mazzini

Senior Vice President
New York, NY

Dori Zweig Young

Senior Director
Washington DC

Mark Karges

New York, NY

Mariah Borthwick

Senior Account Supervisor
New York, NY

Lauren Jones

Account Supervisor
Nashville, TN

Olivia Warhop

Senior Account Executive
Nashville, TN

Pat Traina

Account Executive
New York, NY

Amanda Hermes

Operations Associate
Eugene, OR